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Fairmont Wedding at The Fairmont Winnipeg

“The food and service has been exceptional!”

Congratulations on your wedding! What made you decide on having your wedding with us at Fairmont?

Before starting all of our wedding planning we sat down and decided to sum up in a word or two what we wanted our wedding to be and to use that word to refer back to when making decisions to keep our planning and choices true to what we originally wanted; so we chose the words Elegant and Romantic! Once deciding that was the ambiance and feel we were hoping to create and knowing we needed a place that could hold 500+ guests we immediately booked an appointment with The Fairmont Winnipeg to discuss dates! The reason we chose to go straight to the Fairmont is based on our past experiences there. We have been to a number of functions held at the Fairmont, both big and small and have only good things to say. In all our previous experiences at the Fairmont, we have to say that the food and service has been exceptional! Our wedding was an Italian-Ukrainian wedding, therefore food was definitely a high priority on our list!

Another major weighing factor for us was that we were expecting a lot of out-of-town guests and it was important to us that our reception location could accommodate all our guests conveniently, which was perfect as the Fairmont offers a variety of rooms to accommodate everyone’s tastes and budgets.

Tell us about the flowers you chose.

I am still in awe and in love with the flowers we chose! My bouquet consisted of just pale pink Sophia roses with a couple brooches which was stunning! Sometimes less is definitely more. For my bridesmaids we went with black bacarra roses with white lilies for some pop of colour and some crystal sprays throughout to complete the bouquet.

Tell us about the meal you served your guests. What type and flavor cake did you have at your reception?

As mentioned before, our wedding was an Italian-Ukrainian wedding so we wanted to have a special touch to our menu! The Fairmont Winnipeg was so cooperative and so full of ideas when we custom made our menu! We went with an Anti-pasta plate to start with our typical meats and cheeses. We also incorporated perogies to start which were a hit and we still have people telling us how good they were! We went with a light salad followed by cannelloni then a choice of chicken or beef for our entrée.

Our desert was a light and refreshing cup of vanilla ice cream with fresh berries. We went with a marble wedding cake which was nice and simple as we had a room full of a variety of sweets!

What element(s) did you add to make the wedding uniquely ‘yours’?

We had a certain look we wanted for the table centre pieces, so we sat down with our fabulous florist and created exactly what we wanted! We also had (which was a surprise for us) 2 large horse ice sculptures with our names on them as well as a beautiful seating chart that incorporated one our favorite engagement pictures with our horses as they're a big part of our lives.

Another integral part of the day is the wedding dress! Tell us about what you chose to wear. Did you follow the old English saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”?

My dress was a strapless sweetheart pleated asymmetrical bodice in white accented with a beaded natural waist belt made by Justin Alexander. I definitely did follow the “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”!

What was the first song you danced to as newlyweds? Why did you pick that particular song?

Our first song we danced to was “Grow Old with Me” by Travis Barre. We just love the song and really connect with it, so it was a perfect fit!

Now that you are married and have had time to reflect on your wedding day, what was your favorite moment?

Looking back on the day I can’t really say I loved one part of the day more than another, but one part that really sticks out in my memory was after the ceremony we had 2 horses and a carriage pick us up. It was great because we got to spend a little ‘us’ time and just reflect and take in the whole day together!


Vendors & Service Providers:
• Beyond Flowers (Gloria Sawatzky) #204-477-5787
• Planned Perfectly (Kylee Houlahan) #204-831-6490
• Photographer (Jeremy Hiebert) #204-470-6144
• Crystal Sound (Tony Braccio, Jr) #204-694-4271

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