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A Whirlwind Wedding at Fairmont Pacific Rim

“A Whirlwind Canadian wedding, right after our China wedding!”

Congratulations on your wedding! What made you decide on having your wedding with us at Fairmont?

We were so impressed with the venue, thanks to the staff members who took their time to show us around and answer all our questions!

Where did you have your ceremony?

We had our wedding ceremony in one of the ballrooms within the Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver. We wore traditional Chinese wedding costumes before arriving at our wedding party at the Fairmont.

Tell us about the meal you served your guests. 

We offered our guests a few different entrée specials, thanks to the staff at Fairmont for providing us options!

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Tell us about it.

Haven't gone yet! We hope to go this winter to Bora Bora. 

What element(s) did you add to make the wedding uniquely 'yours'?

My wife and I sang some rap songs that we used to sing together at karaoke places when we were dating.

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