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Spa Spotlight: Signature Treatments at Willow Stream Spa

Fairmont Empress

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Life gets busy. By weeks end, many of us are feeling tired. At Willow Stream Spa (newly refreshed itself as of April 2017!), signature treatments that revitalize and energize are our passion.

The Ritual

The Willow Stream Spa experience really begins with the Spa Ritual. The spa ritual includes a Traditional Finnish dry Sauna, Steam Inhalation Room and Thermal Mineral Pool. This helps to open up your breathing, cleanse, detoxify and warm the muscles. Then wrap yourself up in your plush robe and enjoy a cool drink (or hot tea) in the lounge, relax and await your treatment.

Honey Ginger Elixir – Restore & Heal

Willow Stream Spa’s truly signature experience is the Honey Ginger Elixer Treatment.  The Fairmont Empress Hotel has 10 bee colonies with 50,000 bees each, yielding close to 1,400 pounds of honey each year.

Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, honey contains powerful antioxidants and is antibacterial and moisturizing. Our hand harvested honey is coupled with the healing and immune system benefits of ginger in this powerful body ritual which begins with an invigorating scrub, includes a hydrating massage, wrap and scalp massage.  

The Experience

Opening with Kerstin Florians Calm Mind Aromatherapy, this experience is other worldly. An invigorating Kerstin Florian Turkish Body Scrub is applied with Fairmont Empress Honey by a knowledgeable technician. Once your skin is glowing, enjoy a luxurious spa shower to remove the scrub prior to your massage. This is followed by a hydrating body and scalp massage with Kerstin Florian Ginger & Sunflower Body Oils. Finishing with a spritz of Kerstin Florian Neroli Water Aromatherapy, you’ll leave glowing inside and out.

Ready to get find your Zen? This Honey Ginger Elixer Treatment is just one of 8 signature treatments at Willow Stream Spa. Follow Willow Stream Spa on Facebook for skin care and wellness news.


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