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Now you see us - now you don't! The Buzz on Bees with Bee Butler Michael King ~ August 11, 2014

Fairmont Waterfront

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We are very happy to announce that our observation bee hive is now installed on the 3rd floor overlooking the other 4 hives and is full of very busy bees as we speak! The bees were transplanted yesterday from one of the 4 hives we have along with a Queen from New Zealand. Her hive was re-Queened with a Californian Queen bee.

In order for this Queen to be accepted into her new hive she is placed in the hive in a plastic container that has a sugar coated door . Over the course of the next few days this sugar will be eaten away by the bees allowing the Queen to leave her temporary accommodations. This is done so that the worker bees get used to the new Queen pheromone (scent) and do not try to evict her because she is a stranger. When she emerges she will then be accepted into the hive ready to begin her life as a new mother to thousands more bees and a step-mother to those already in the hive before her arrival !

The observation hive will remain closed when we are not doing tours so we can give the bees privacy as they go about their work but when we need to open up the hive we simply pull open the two doors on the hive to provide a 360 degree view of the hive.

Our new observation hive allows the bee team to show our guests and visitors what we are talking about and as a result making it a really interactive experience that we are sure will turn those ‘bee tour ‘ moments into lasting memories!

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