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How To Pick The Perfect Pillow

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

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Whether you’re at home or on the road, picking the perfect pillow is an important part of getting a good night sleep. When you are a guest of Fairmont Gold at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, you will be well taken care of by the pillow concierge to ensure you receive just that.

Choices include a dreamsong white down pillow for those stomach sleepers, a hypoallergenic zen fibre pillow that’s filled with Multi-loftA gel fibre that offers extra support, embrace body pillow for side sleepers, and the just-for-moms maternity pillow that offers abdominal support to keep mom and baby comfortable.

To pick the perfect at-home pillow, material, size, and sleep position should be taken into consideration. If you prefer a cool place to rest your head, try a buckwheat hull pillow or memory-foam. For back and stomach sleepers, a flat pillow will keep your neck aligned, and side sleepers would benefit from a fuller pillow to bridge the gap between the head and neck.   


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