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Healthy Benefits of Spa-ing

You already know that you look and feel great after a spa getaway. But you may not know it’s good for your health, too!

People often ask us if spa therapies really work. There is an important new resource for everyone to use that consolidates independent scientific research studies from around the world for the many of the therapies provided in spas. This was compiled by medical doctors.

Here are just 5 ways that going to the spa can help you achieve your wellness goals. (To learn more, check out the Global Spa Summit’s Evidence-Based Portal for Spa & Wellness Therapies

More energy: An aromatherapy massage offered more relief than a massage by itself, according to Japanese researchers. (

Better endurance: A recent study ( concluded that three weeks of sauna bathing after exercise improved endurance runners’ performance, increasing plasma and red cell blood volume.

Stress relief: Research at University of California ( found that meditation fosters positive psychological change – while helping to increase telomerase activity, an indicator of longer-term cell viability.

Enhanced blood sugar control: Qi gong relaxation exercises improve glucose metabolism and help reduce insulin resistance, according to research findings ( in Japan.

A better diet: Getting nutritional counseling can help bring real improvements to one’s eating habits.  (
Give your health a boost and book a spa day today.


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