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Teddy's Big Adventure

Fairmont Chateau Whistler

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My daughter has had a special teddy bear since she was 2 years old. Even though she's almost 13, Teddy still ends up in her suitcase for those special trips. We recently had the pleasure of staying at the Fairmont Whistler. It is especially magical during Christmas & in true Fairmont style, the service was impeccable.
Unfortunately we discovered on our last day that Teddy was missing. The only conclusion was that he must have been taken away in the sheets. We called lost and found but unfortunately we were going to have to fly back to Toronto without him. My daughter put on a brave face but I knew she was heart broken.
Our son saw this as a great opportunity & began to craft the story 'Teddy's adventure'. All about a teddy bear & his adventures.. riding in the sheets.. a warm bath in the washing machine and his inevitable trip home. We only hoped this would be the case.
We knew that everyone was actively searching and to our delight, we receieved a call at midnight, 3 days later that Teddy had been found! Teddy arrived safe and sound a week later... no worse for the wear but I'm sure with a very exciting story to tell (if only he could talk)
This was a very happy day for our daughter and we can't thank the outstanding staff at Fairmont Whistler enough for the generousity of time and effort to deliver a member of the family home.
This is just one of the many reasons why we choose Fairmont again and again, to make magical memories that we'll always cherish.
With great thanks, The Yeremian Family (& Teddy)


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