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SMI Lawn Chair Drill Team Alumni

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

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I would love to find the folks who have pictures from my adventure as a member of the SMI, fourth of July Lawn Chair Drill Team.  We marched in honor of leisure, life and love at the annual Sonoma 4th of July Parade...for me this would be the summer of 1993. 

We practiced hard and we performed impeccably.  What a great time. I worked at SMI, pre-Fairmont days as a front desk agent and occasional conceirge.  We worked all day and night and then hung out with one another until the wee hours of the morning, many days of the week.  Our guest service team members were close.  We included front desk agents, chefs, line cooks, bell men, security ( I sure had a crush on Jerry Burasca (sp), spa folks and an occasional wait team member from one or both of the restaurants.  The night auditors were great too.  When I had to stay over because i was working back to back, James would bring me coffee and a rose in the moring as my wake up call.  There was a little bar across the way where we met up.  There was also a cool spot down the way that has hundreds of beers...there is a contest to drink them all...i still should have an index card on file.
The soothing waters of the main pool were my favorite.  I remember sneaking in one night...after hours...guess we can confess now?   I always love the refreshing tea and lemon water in the spa too:) 
The team were family but, so were the guest.  Many of them returning year after year.  It didn't matter if you were a race car driver, former high school teacher or a professional actor or football player....we treated everyone with the same kindness and hospitality.  And they were kind to us most of the time too:)  The lobby was so peaceful.  Its me the hotel was our secret garden.  I moved to San Francisco a few months into my employment, but I didn't leave SMI.  Just had a longer commute.  It was fine; I was young.  In fact, I only left the inn because my brother and I decided to leave the country for 4 months and travel.  Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Austrailia and New Zealand were the only places that could draw me away from such a tranquil life.  I am older now,...but, I still have only fond memories of the Inn.  we will come stay as guests sometime.  My husband will love it.  I wonder often what happened to our manager lisa venture.....she ran off to vegas, got married, went to travel school and her husband worked in the treasure island show as a pirate ...the last I heard from her.   Everyone IS an origianl.  Starting with the front desk-


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