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How to Battle a Morning Wine Hangover

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

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When you're surrounded by a bevy of beautiful wines and scrumptious food every night in Sonoma, there comes a moment when you regret it, even for a second. And that moment is when the morning hangover drills its fingers into your head. No? Okay, then maybe it's just me.

But what's a girl to do? Stay in bed and build a blanket fort to ward off light and wallow in my own discomfort? Possibly wasting a whole day of vacation? No, I was not going to surrender to the Hangover.

Luckily, the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn offered a better way to face off with the Hangover. Did you know that the hotel offered planned activities like hiking and biking tours every single morning from 8am to 10am? Two hours of fresh air, phenomenal views, and just good ol' exercise. Long enough to soak in the surroundings, and just short enough to still be able to fit a big breakfast in before noon.

I was luckily enough to join the (very casual and light) hike through the Quarry Hill Bontanical Garden with Lisa. She gathered a small group at the hotel lobby, and she drove us to Glen Ellen and conducted a great casual hike tour that's full of splendid views and quirky trivia.

I may have almost lose my battle against the Hangover at 8am when I had to wake up for this thing but the combination of the morning breeziness of Sonoma, the delightful views of funky plants and vistas, and great company became my weapon to banish off any nasty remnants of a (maybe?) memorable night before. Fantastic experience!


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