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Fun in the Sun

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

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I was in need of some vitimin D and what better way to get some than from the sun.  On a last minute golf vacation to the Fairmont Scottsdale I was looking for someone to go with me.  I was able to talk my Dad in to coming with me.  He was a little unsure about tagging along at first but once we got there his hesitations were gone.  We spent a few days just hanging around the resorts main pool and enjoying the warm winter wearther, a far cry from the snow and cold that we left behind.  We were in a standard room and were blown away at the size and luxury of the room.  A week later my Dad went in for an operation for colon cancer.  Everything turned out fine.  I feel blessed to have had this trip with him.  Thank you Fairmont Scottsdale for giving a father and son time together and memories that will last forever.


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