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A wedding day to remember

Fairmont Tremblant

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My friend got married in Mont-Tremblant last summer, and she was staying at a hotel that was down the hill from the Fairmont Hotel that I was staying at. Having been a regular guest with my family at Fairmont Hotel's Manoir Richelieu in Charlevoix and having loved the experience year after year, I knew i could not go wrong by staying at that lovely destination. Was I ever right. My friend had organized the wedding herself, a small wedding of 6, including herself and her husband-to-be and we had driven up from Montreal for the special day, and were going to spend the night in Mont-Tremblant. Having taken in the view at my friend's hotel, drunk some wine and relaxed by the Lake, it was time to get ready for the big moment. But a little under 2 hours away from the wedding, the bride realized that in her haste and frenzy to get everything ready for the special day, she had forgotten to get a bouquet. A bride without a bouquet??? No way. The other bride's maid and I told her to relax and that we would look for a local florist to deliver within the hour. We only had 2 hours ahead of us, and we were not even ready yet! I ran back up the hill to my hotel and asked the staff if they had a phone book I could use. I called several florists, but no one could deliver that quickly with so little time notice. A wonderful lady at the reception of the Fairmont noticed my nervousness and panicked look and came over to ask if she could help. I explained the situation to her, and she told me to go to my room to get ready, and that she would take care of finding flowers in-house and to make me a nice bouquet. I was shocked! I went to my room, took a quick shower and when I went back to the reception Karen Lessard Jacques had prepared a wonderful bouquet for me. I was touched that she was so quick to come up with something so nice, and I could not believe her kindness and impecabble service. And to top it off, the staff went the extra mile and offered to drive me down the hill to the hotel where my friend was staying to avoid walking down in the heat in my high heels... Royal treatment. It wasn't my wedding day, but I felt like a queen! And to this day, my friend remembers her bouquet and the lovely time she had on her wedding day. Thank you to Karen (please thank her for me) and to the Fairmont for a wonderful stay and memorable service.


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