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A gift from the universe.....

Fairmont Pacific Rim

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I had just checked in to the amazing new Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in beautiful downtown Vancouver BC. I had just unpacked all of my bags for my week stay at the hotel and decided to sit quietly and look at the gorgeous, although very overcast view of the pacific harbour. I was hoping for a restful relaxing week with perfect weather and time to enjoy the sites of the city. I had looked away from the view and was focused on an email on my laptop when I had an "inkling" that I should have a look outside. I always trust these feelings and I am so glad I did, and so there in all its glory, the skies had opoened briefly to reveal the most beautiful rainbow, for my eyes only, with the "end of the rainbow" right in front of me, so close I could touch it, a gift fom the universe.....


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