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A Baseball Fan and Airplane Nerd Embrace Washington D.C.

Fairmont Washington, D.C., Georgetown

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Washington, D.C. is not the typical vacation destination for Vancouverites (locals of Vancouver, Canada that is). New York City is the obvious East Coast destination, but my husband and I had our hearts and minds set on the city of knowledge, Washington D.C. The Smithsonian has been a bucket list destination for both of us. We are both academics and the idea of spending a week in D.C. was so exciting. The fact that there's a MBA baseball team in the city, made D.C. an easy choice for our 2013 summer vacation and celebration of our first wedding anniversary.

During our week in D.C., we stayed at the beautiful and extremely hospitable Fairmont Georgetown in a spacious corner suite. This was our home away from home for seven eventful days. From the minute we arrived in the hotel, we were treated as privileged guests. We arrived a few hours early, and as our suite was not ready yet, the manager offered us a seat in the tranquil Loggia Lounge and complimentary cocktails. The grace and friendliness of this experience and the rest of our time in the hotel is why we keep returning to the Fairmont.

Over our 7 days in D.C., we visited 6 Smithsonian museums, including the Air and Space Museum; the highlight for us! Where else can you see the "firsts" of so many airplanes and space capsules? Amazing! Seeing the White House, the US Capitol, the Library of Congress, the National Monument, and the Pentagon were some of the other sights we took in. Of course, we also took the easy and efficient subway to see the Washington Nationals and there were even fireworks after the game.

This was a memorable trip for us, and one we hope to do again in a few years; maybe when we have some kids in tow!


Sean and Laura Hardiman
Vancouver, B.C.


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