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The Mallard Lounge’s Signature Gin & Tonic


1 cocktail


3 DaysInfused Beefeater Gin
Total Time:
15 MinutesCocktail

Other Notes

At The Mallard Lounge, we are passionate about citrus! Especially our expert bartender, Fred Lemieux! Fred takes rinds from a full ruby grapefruit and a full lemon. He then adds 12 cardamom seeds and infuses it for at least 3 days. Fred decided to use Beefeater Gin because it has a bit of an edge and we wanted to have the ability to enhance a product into something deeper and more flavorful. Grand Marnier adds some character and richness to the cocktail while rounding it out with the smooth cognac. When we first introduced this cocktail, it was early summer and it became so popular, we kept it on the menu for the winter and it has been one of the best selling cocktails in the lounge since its introduction. This cocktail goes down really smooth on The Mallard Lounge's patio while enjoying the views of Blackcomb Mountain.


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