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An Old Fashioned with a New Twist

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

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The traditional Old Fashioned has been around in one form or another since the early 1800’s and is very much back in vogue as an after-work cocktail or Saturday night starter. 

The main components of an Old Fashioned are Whisky | Syrup | Bitters. At Notch 8, you can design your own with a throw of the dice. 

Three coloured dice – red for whisky, white for syrup (all made in house), and blue for bitters (from Bittered Sling) will determine the flavor profile and provides the possibility of 216 distinct drinks. A bourbon, for example could be matched with salted caramel syrup and chocolate bitters. Or try a “dealer’s choice” where the bartender chooses the combination. 

Whiskey: Jameson | Lot 40 | Rittenhouse Rye | Dewar’s | Royal Challenge | Bulleit Bourbon
Housemade Syrup: Banana Bread | Strawberry Basil Mint | Salted Caramel | Masala Chai | Cinnamon Green Tea | Scottish Spiced
Bitters: Plum & Rootbeer | Malagasy Chocolate | Zingiber Crabapple | Moondog Aromatic | Clingstone Peach | Cascade Celery

Each self-designed Old Fashioned is $15, and $13 during Happy Hour. Roll a combined total of 8 during Happy Hour and receive your Old Fashioned for free!


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