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What’s Cooking?

What’s Cooking?

Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson dishes on bucket lists, Bob Marley and Bermudian pepper sauce.

Interview by Eve Thomas


Best way to get to know a city — I love biking around. You can do as much research as you want, but you’ve got to get off the tour bus and get in and DO! That list in your phone doesn’t mean anything unless you check it off.

My next vacation is — In London. It’s so international, and in that way it reminds me of New York. I always learn something when I visit. I love going to Shoreditch, and the parks there are really beautiful.

When traveling, I wear — Something with pockets, and definitely something I can sleep in. It’s all about comfort.

What’s in my carry-on — My iPad, work stuff, good travel magazines. I also like to look at content from Africa, like Afripedia, so I’m always learning.

Jet-lag remedy — Even when I’m beyond tired, I try to push through with a run and an ice-cold shower.

Favorite city — That’s hard. I would say New York, but I also love Tokyo because there is a sense of it operating  24 hours. I’ve been so many times but I still haven’t eaten through all the cuisines.

Favorite museum — MoMA, because I spent so much time working right across the street at Aquavit. I also like the Studio Museum in Harlem.

Best shopping — Some Western cities all become the same mall, but in African cities like Joburg or Addis you get the brands from Paris and London, and the young community is also adding their own tribe colors. Africa vintage!

Best place to people watch — Nothing beats Lenox Avenue in Harlem. There are tons of style cues.

Favorite food souvenir — I love pickles and hot sauces. They always give a sense of what was there before.

Dream travel companion — It would be really fun to travel with Bob Marley. I would get to listen to him perform, hear his philosophy and play soccer with him. We would  probably miss a lot of planes. I don’t know if he would show up on time, but we would have a lot of fun at the airport.

Favorite Bermuda food discovery — Can’t beat the sherry pepper sauce! We have it in a couple of dishes at Marcus’, and in a cocktail, too.

Best place in Bermuda to take a selfie — On a fishing boat, of course! It’s beautiful everywhere in Bermuda so there’s always a great background for a photo.


Born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden and based in New York, celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson is the author of the memoir Yes, Chef, a judge on Chopped and the newest face at Bermuda’s Princess & Beach Club, A Fairmont Managed Hotel, where he helms Marcus’ restaurant.


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