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Meet ARC's Chef Alessandro Vianello

Fairmont Waterfront

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Vancouver trained, and Internationally travelled, Chef Alessandro Vianello received his culinary diploma from Vancouver Community College and his Red Seal certificate from Northwest Culinary Academy in Vancouver. Vianello started his culinary career with Fairmont Hotel & Resorts at the iconic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, then sharpened his knives globally as Head Chef of AA Rosette Restaurant at the Fairmont St. Andrews, Scotland. After globetrotting, in 2009 Chef Vianello returned to his home town as Head Chef on the opening team of Prestons Restaurant at both the downtown Vancouver and Chilliwack locations. Mostly recently, Vianello was the owner of one of Vancouver’s most highly rates food trucks, Street Meet, which offers Vancouverites a taste of European cuisine. Joining the team at The Fairmont Waterfront, Alessandro is very passionate about serving local food with a focus on culinary sustainability. He fosters close relationships and ties to our local farmers and enjoys teaching young culinarians how to grow their skills in the kitchen.

Q: What is your signature dish?
A: I don't know if I have a signature dish, I am always reinventing my style and playing with new ideas on what works and what doesn't. What about last meal...which would probably be a loaf of fresh French bread (from France) a big piece of stinky cheese, and a piece of seared foie gras, but that also might change tomorrow depending on my mood. Oh yeah and pickles, I love pickles.

Q: Favorite local ingredient?
A: I think my favourite local ingredient might have to be morel mushrooms, but it could be a close tie for sea urchin, and Okanagan peaches.

Q: Must have kitchen tool?
A: My extra large tweasers for plating. Or maybe an espresso machine if that counts.

Q: Least favourite food to work with?
A: I would say my least favourite food to work with is farmed salmon.

Q: Your cooking philosophy?
A: My cooking philosophy would be using the great produce and ingredients that we have on our doorstep and supporting the local farmers and fishermen that supply them, as well as having a sustainable mentality towards every menu. I like taking what we have here in BC and highlighting the ingredient with a playful twist. I also really believe that taking risks with flavours and combinations is what drives my creativity and passion.


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