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What goes into designing an unforgettable hotel? We set out to find the answer, visiting three of Fairmont’s most renowned properties and meeting with the top hospitality  designers who were tasked with giving them new life. In each case, the creator had the challenge of refurbishing a longstanding and cherished local landmark – and employing the delicacy needed to bring the  hotel into the future while paying homage to its past. As we discovered, the hotels’ renewals were much more than the aggregate of their color palettes,  materials, furniture and finishes. Along with their refreshed look, these three icons received something even more important: a brand new story to tell.

By Natasha Mekhail
​Photos by Hubert Kang

Links to Creator Articles:

BARCELONA By Natasha Mekhail
​LONDON By Pierre-Yves Rochon
NEW YORK CITY By Alexandra Champalimaud


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