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Three Steps

Sommelier sos

From proper storage to serving etiquette,
get the best out of your bottles with
Dean & DeLuca wine director Kerrin Laz.


1/Store wisely

If you don’t have room for a cellar, a wine refrigerator will do. “Some people even use a closet for storage,” reveals Laz. Just be sure to keep the bottles on their sides (so the cork doesn’t dry out) and away from fluctuating temperatures, like those found in the kitchen.


2/Pair simply

Try matching rather than contrasting the notes in a wine. If you love a citrusy sauvignon blanc, opt for a roast chicken with Meyer lemons, or poached seafood with citrus-olive oil. “Many people try to make [the process] more difficult than it is, but matching the nuance is a solid way to have something pair well.”


3/Serve efficiently

Opt for a stone holder instead of an ice bucket: “They don’t chill but, rather, keep the wine temperature stable.” It’s also not necessary to have a different glass for each varietal. So-called “universal glasses” have a large enough bowl that reds can open up and whites don’t get lost in them.  Candice Fridman


Fairmont Vintages

Gourmet grocer Dean & DeLuca has partnered with Fairmont to create Fairmont Vintages, a wine club that brings the best of Napa Valley to your door. The offer is open exclusively to Fairmont President’s Club members in the US.


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