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Surf 'n' Turf

By: Renée Morrison

His latest book may be stocked with tips on home cooking, but celebrity chef Curtis Stone has serious jet-set credentials.

First trip — Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

Fondest travel memory — Bringing my son Hudson [from California] back to Australia for the first time to meet the Aussie side of the family.

Best travel tip — Pack light. The less stuff you have, the easier life is.

Always in my carry-on — A bag of cash, sometimes in 12 different currencies. I joke that I carry a small bank with me.

Jet-lag remedy — When I get off the plane, I try to stand barefoot on a beach or a patch of grass for 10 minutes. It grounds you. Next best thing: a gin and tonic.

Favorite city in the world — Rio de Janeiro.

Dream travel companion — This is probably boring, but it’s my wife, Lindsay Price.

Best way to get to know a destination — Ask a cab driver to bring you to their favorite place to eat. You get to see what’s going on locally.

When traveling, I wear — Sunglasses! And shorts, a tee and flip-flops. I’m a casual traveler.

Best shopping — Fifth Avenue, NYC. You can find everything on that street.

Perfect souvenir — A photograph.

Favorite museum — The Natural History Museum in London.

I never leave home without — My toothbrush.

I’m always searching for the perfect — Wave.

My idea of travel happiness — A beach, the sunshine and a cocktail.

(Photo 1/2 Credit: Jesse Rieser)


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