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Child’s Play

By: Renée Morrison

Keep traveling tots happy (and well-fed) with advice from bestselling cookbook author and children’s cuisine expert Annabel Karmel.

1/ Time your takeoff
Little ones get hard to handle when their routine is disturbed, so it’s best to schedule travel around their sleep patterns. “Avoid the afternoon – young children get cranky around early evening,” warns Karmel. “For longer trips, I find leaving at night is best. They’ll usually sleep right through a flight.”

2/ Keep them busy
Keep tantrums at bay (and fellow travelers happy) with a high-tech distraction tactic: an app for your tablet or smartphone. “When my kids were young, I used to bring board games, but now there are some great apps to keep kids entertained – and educated.”

3/ Try new tastes
When dining out abroad with toddlers, don’t assume your children won’t want to try new flavors. “Local produce is often the freshest and tastiest, so let them try something native to the region,” says Karmel. “Offering them a variety is the best way to raise an open-minded eater.”


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