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Picture Perfected

By Eve Thomas

1. Beat the crowds
Feeling jet-lagged? Use it to your advantage by catching the sunrise. “Getting up early lets you take photos with gorgeous light. The ‘golden hour’ occurs not only just before sunset, but also for about an hour after sunrise,” says photographer Tanja from Vancouver, Canada. “At that time you’ll find even major tourist sites are devoid of people.”

2. Stand tall
The nicest scenery can’t stand up to a shaky camera, but getting a stable shot doesn’t have to mean lugging around a heavy tripod. “The key is to tuck those elbows in tight to your body  and plant your back foot behind you with your toe pointed outward,” advises Michelle from Portland, USA. “And hold your breath!”

3. Change your focus
Look before you leap – or before you turn your lens on your surroundings. “Walk, discover, and only take your phone or camera out later,” says Emma from Florence, Italy. “That way, your  photographs will tell a real story. Plus you will have a genuine experience  by not walking around glued to your camera or phone.”

Founded in Victoria, Canada, by entrepreneur and frequent traveler Nicole Smith, the service lets tourists hire expert local photographers around the globe to capture their vacation memories, whether they’re on a honeymoon or family holiday. No selfie stick required.


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