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Sleep on It

Sleep on It

Get a good night’s rest, even when on the go, with help from author and sleep expert Harriet Griffey.

By Eve Thomas

1. Forget the frills

If you’re flying overnight, get a window seat (away from the bustling aisle) and forego all in-flight entertainment, even meals, in favor of shut-eye. You’ll be thankful when you land – at which point Griffey recommends staying as close as possible to the schedule of your new destination. “Take a walk in the daylight, then go to bed early.”

2. Check your tech

While some experts ban laptops and smartphones from the bedroom completely, Griffey says audio-based sleep and meditation apps can be great for snoozing. Just put them on a timer so they don’t wake you up later, and don’t expose yourself to light from digital screens (which interferes with melatonin production) late at night.

3. Build up to bedtime

“People will say, ‘I had warm milk and a lavender bath, but still can’t sleep. What am  I doing wrong?’ You have to  look at the 24-hour cycle, not just the hours before bed,” says Griffey. That means paying attention to factors like diet and exercise throughout the day – and being patient while awaiting results. “Don’t forget, it takes time to recalibrate.”


London, UK-based writer Harriet Griffey is a trained nurse and the author of numerous books, including I Want to Sleep and I Want to be Calm (available at select Fairmont hotels). Of her own sleep habits, she admits, “I go everywhere with earplugs and a hot water bottle, even when I visit friends.”


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