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Check Out: Fairmont Pacific Rim

Check Out: Fairmont Pacific Rim

By Renée Morrison


It was almost a decade ago that Omer Arbel, creative director of Canadian design house Bocci, first envisioned “16,” a tree-like armature of stainless steel topped with LED-lit glass leaves. Arbel put it on hold while he experimented with glass-blowing techniques and worked on various sculpture and lighting projects, including his signature  14 Series pendant lights (now a design cult item the world over).

Eventually, a deeper understanding of glass craft and component design helped Arbel bring “16” to life, and it was finally unveiled in March of 2015 at the entrance to Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim. “‘16’ is an exploration of the deceptively simple process of pouring and layering hot glass,” says Arbel, who adds, “there is a charming analog rawness to this piece.” The futuristic trees stand between 13 and 30 feet, mirroring the sleek, modern lines of the hotel and the natural beauty of Vancouver’s backdrop of sea and mountains.


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