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Candy Crush

Candy Crush

The gummy bear gets a  grown-up makeover at these gourmet candy shops.


By Eve Thomas

Photo by André Doyon


From designer donuts to the cupcake craze, it’s clear a sweet tooth doesn’t have to stop at childhood – and now candy makers are catering to full-sized tastes. Dylan’s Candy Bar helped pave the way in 2001, when Dylan Lauren (daughter of designer Ralph) opened the brand’s New York City flagship, which now welcomes about 2.5 million visitors a year – including bridal parties and baby showers – stocking over 7,000 types of treats, from lollipops to licorice, as  well as candy-themed cosmetics, clothing and jewelry. In California, Sugarfina’s stores look more like Tiffany boutiques than sweet shops, with pretty blue  boxes showcasing 24k-gold-dipped marshmallows and cordials bursting with single malt Scotch. Over in Canada, newcomer Squish stocks over 100 crowd-pleasing gummies packed with big-kid flavors like mulled wine and chili pepper (pictured: cherry-watermelon hearts). They also tick dietary boxes with select confections certified organic, vegan and GMO-free. What a sweet idea!


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