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Into the Blue

Into the Blue

In-water massage helps tense muscles go with the flow.

By: Renée Morrison

Water massages are making a splash on spa menus around the world. By swapping traditional therapy tables for bodies of water (from swimming pools to seas), spa-goers float weightlessly as they’re rocked, cradled and kneaded. The benefit: the body is totally supported and weight is taken off the vertebrae, allowing for deeper stretches, all gently guided by a trained therapist.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon geothermal spa offers in-water massages on floating mats in a private corner of the massive outdoor pool, where heated, milky-blue water helps muscles fully relax. In warmer climes, the Dead Sea’s famously salty waters help massage therapists practice Watsu, a form of aquatic massage therapy that incorporates shiatsu and rhythmic movement.

For your own slice of H2O heaven, book the Watsu massage at The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa. In a dedicated Watsu pool filled with natural thermal mineral water, your body will release its tension as a massage therapist takes you through the treatment. Bath time never felt
so good.  




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