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Check In: The Savoy, A Fairmont Managed Hotel

London, England, is packed with picturesque settings, but it’s one thing to think you have the best view in the city – and quite another for the world’s most famous Impressionist to agree with you. When Claude Monet came to the capital in 1899 he booked two rooms at The Savoy: one to sleep in and another to use as a studio. Step into the Personality River View Suite dedicated to the French painter and see for yourself what moved Monet to immortalize the Thames in brilliant shades of lilac, ocher and aquamarine. While the modern vista includes new points of interest (like the London Eye), the effect of the river remains the same. At once soothing and vibrant, bustling with tourists and trade, the artery of England’s capital is its own living, breathing work of art. ~Eve Thomas


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