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Beijing Wellness Quest

The city is bustling, but it’s also home to peaceful places for emotional reflection and physical revitalization – you just need to know where to look. Rejuvenate body and mind at these wellness destinations around Beijing.

Try Tai Chi 

As ancient Chinese physician Sun Simiao said,  “A door with active hinges never rusts.” Many locals put this principle into practice with regular tai chi, an exercise based on slow and controlled movements. Start your morning off right by joining the group that gathers at Jingshan Park (north of the Forbidden City), or book a private tai chi lesson at Fairmont Beijing.


Tai chi at Jingshan Park

Soak In The View

Ease tense muscles and enjoy the  many purported health benefits of  mineral water with a visit to the Huaxia Hot Springs by the Badaling section of the Great Wall. At a toasty natural temperature of 129 degrees Fahrenheit, water from over 6,500 feet below ground supplies 32 outdoor and indoor pools – enough for all visitors to find a quiet spot to themselves. If you’d rather stay in the city, the No. 8 Hot Springs Club is a six-floor haven of jungle-like pools, nap rooms, and even a buffet  dining room (meals are included with admission).

The Tower of Buddha Incense at the Summer Palace

Disconnect And Reflect

The Summer Palace, in the northwest of Beijing, was originally built as a lakefront retreat for royalty in 1750. Today, its ornate temples and perfectly manicured gardens are busier than they once were, but you can still find a secluded corner for spiritual contemplation or meditation in one of its smaller gardens, or at the Pavilion of Precious Clouds. Alternatively, spend a quiet afternoon at the sacred Buddhist Lama Temple in the Dongcheng District, admiring its beautifully preserved Han and Tibetan architecture, vivid tapestries and decorative molding.

Chinese remedies at Tong Ren Tang make use of herbs, berries and roots

Discover Traditional Chinese Medicine

Find natural remedies for common and uncommon ailments in the legendary collection of secret recipes gathered by the Imperial family at Tong Ren Tang Chinese medicine store (with multiple locations in Beijing). Stressed out? Try the popular xiao yao wan supplement – a blend of herbs and roots that loosely translates to “free and easy wanderer.” Jet-lagged? Brew a tea of goji berries, believed to promote neurochemical balance.

Fairmont Beijing’s exterior was inspired by traditional Chinese archways

Spa In The Sky

Save time for a laid-back day at Fairmont Beijing’s Willow  Stream Spa, which spans floors 20 to 22 and is positioned like a bridge between the hotel’s two buildings. Opt for a relaxing Chinese meridian massage, which involves long, uninterrupted strokes over the body’s meridian lines to clear energy passageways and restore inner balance. Even the hotel’s rooms are wired for wellness with Blueair high-tech air purifiers, so guests can breathe easy during their stay.  



Fairmont Beijing’s Willow Stream Spa



Written By: Renée Morrison


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