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Musical Engagements

Fairmont San Jose

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We've had many different kinds of engagements at Fairmont over the years, but two singers made their proposals especially memorable by putting them to music!
At Fairmont Washington, D.C., local opera singer Yoni Rose worked in secret with Senior Concierge Kitt Vidnovic to plan a surprise proposal. Yoni and Miriam were enjoying a cocktail in the Loggia Lounge when pianist Michael Langlois started to play a pre-arranged melody and Yoni Rose got up and started singing to Miriam about how much he loves her. Suddenly a chorus of singers, each carrying a rose, joined him in song. Yoni walked over to Miriam, got on his knee and proposed. She accepted immediately!

The Fairmont San Jose helped another lovestruck romantic with his proposal, when he sang Jagged Edge's Let's get Married to his bride-to-be before popping the question.


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