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"Home Away From Home"

A visit to San Francisco isn't complete unless you visit the beautiful Fairmont San Francisco, Fairmont's anchor hotel.
Sitting atop Nob Hill, she commands a spectacular view of the city scape.
Quite simply, she oozes elegance seen immediately as you enter her foyer.
Fairmont's other hotel, the Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square sits nestled in, close to Fisherman's Wharf, a fun place to be. Don't forget the chocolates!

And then there's..... Alcatraz.
In the 'glory days' of Alcatraz, 'permanent guests' enjoyed all of the amenities made available to them at no extra charge-3 square meals a day (including second helpings if you so desired), rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, the likes of Al Capone, showers with HOT water, separate rooms and an impressive view of the bay area including the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge.
My goodness, why would anyone want to leave!


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