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University Street Neighbourhood

Fairmont Olympic Hotel

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Out the door, turn left and head down University Street from The Fairmont Olympic Hotel. You’ll quickly see the magnificent Benaroya Concert Hall, followed by SAM - the Seattle Art Museum. Descending the gentle Harbor Steps, the expansive Elliott Bay starts coming into view. Here you can hop a Ferry, take a tour of the harbor, visit the Aquarium, or ride the Great Seattle Wheel. I must have been a water baby: wherever I am, I search for the water.

I spent several hours down at the wharf watching both local and ocean-going vessels traverse Elliott Bay. Even on a misty day, there are plenty of activities down at the Bay. On this trip, I learned that First Avenue is home to many Antique Dealers and unique Furniture and Accent stores.

It is not hard to find an easy way back up First Hill, but a fun way is to ascend the stairs to Pike Place Market. Take a break about 3/4's the way up and travel along Post Alley. You'll soon come upon the famous Gum Wall -- and then into the Market. I worked up quite an appetite, so it was back to The Fairmont for a beautiful seafood dinner at Shuckers.


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