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Speak Easy of Seattle Speakeasies

Fairmont Olympic Hotel

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Seattle's cocktail scene is booming, for a number of reasons. The abundance of seasonal and local produce, Washington based distilleries that are starting to get national recognition, not to mention Seattle having several of the best bars in the US (Canon, Damn the Weather and Rob Roy to name a few), all are putting Seattle in the spotlight.

However Seattle also has an underground cocktail scene, unknown to most visitors. A grouping of mixology based, hidden bars that Seattleites discuss in hushed tones, hoping to keep these locally treasured secrets just that; secret. 

Here at the Fairmont Olympic, we aren't in the business of keeping Seattle's secrets from our visitors. We want you to experience everything this vibrant city has to offer, like a local. And, like a local, we hope you will speak easy of our Speakeasies.

Needle & Thread

Located above one of Seattle's favorite cocktail bars (Tavern Law) is this loft-style speakeasy. No menu, no specialties, what you drink is up to you and the bartender. After a series of questions, the bartender will craft a cocktail to your palate using fresh and local ingredients. Slide into a big leather sofa and take in the warm atmosphere and prohibition vibe.

How to get in: Walk into Tavern Law like you know what you're doing. Go straight to the black door to the right (which looks like a large safe) and pick up the phone next to the door. If there are seats available, they will come get you. If not, not a problem, let them know you will have a drink at Tavern Law until one becomes available (it is really a win-win situation).

Bathtub Gin & Co.

Opened in 2009 in the basement space of the Humphrey Apartment building (which was once a top hotel in Seattle's golden era), this intimate cocktail haven is a local favorite. With 2 levels and a tucked away back seating area (if you walk in and the bar is full, keep making your way downstairs, there's all sorts of nooks and crannies), you can settle in and enjoy one of the seasonal re-invented classics, or tell the bartender what you tend to drink and try something even more unique.

How to get in: The entrance is an unmarked door located in the alley behind the Humphrey Apartment building (if you try to Google map it, you won't find it). Arrive and a doorman will let you know if there is room or not. If not, wait for a spot to open up. Trust us, the cocktails are worth it.

Knee High Stocking 

An unassuming location in the downstairs of an old apartment building, you could walk by Knee High a dozen times without knowing anything is going on inside. No sign, just a door and a doorbell. Also opened in 2009, Knee High has an ever-changing set cocktail list, as well as a staff keen to create whatever your heart desires. We recommend asking them to use some of their housemade bitters or tinctures, which always use local ingredients and add an individuality you will never experience anywhere else.

How to get in: There are 2 options. Take your chances, show up and ring the bell. If they have space, they will open the door and let you in (this is rare). Better to text ahead and request a reservation. What is the number you might ask; don't worry, we have you covered: 206.979.7049

So, go ahead. Sip. Gulp. Imbibe. Toss back. Savor. Just do us a favor, do it secretly.


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