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Currently Trending: This Season’s Wedding Design Must-Haves With Andrew Hoge

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I’m always on the hunt for the next creative idea for weddings.  While donut walls and blush colored florals have their charm, I find couples prefer to create an experience unique to their story so the trends I’m sharing can be interpreted in a variety of ways to bring out the character of the venue and enhance the experience for you and your guests:

  • Cultural Cuisine: Share your favorite!  Is there a “must-have” dish at every family get-together? A signature cocktail that’s at every celebration?  Serve it!  Food brings people together and and showcasing special dishes at your wedding is a tasty way of personalizing the day for everyone to enjoy.

  • Lighting Design: The saying, “let there be light” was meant for your wedding day.  Lighting an event is more than splashing shades of blue on the walls; it’s about incorporating an intentional design by manipulating your venue’s architecture, highlighting important events such as the toasts, and synchronizing with music. The result?  A dynamic experience with an added level of sophistication.  Seattle-based lighting company Crimson Haze does this famously with the Fairmont Olympic’s crystal chandeliers; casting the silhouette on the wall and re-imagining the 1924 showstoppers in a contemporary “light.”

  • New Neutrals: It’s a clean slate for color palettes this year.  Step aside blush and navy for the new neutrals - dove white, ivory, mauve and dusty rose. Fresh and elegant, they marry well with almost any venue and you can continue to layer signature colors to make it yours. 
  • Something Old, Something New:  What is it about weddings that make us feel nostalgic?  Indulge those feelings and, whether you’re getting married in a historic hotel or a modern venue, consider incorporating vintage accents in your decor plan. Velvet touches, for example, are luxurious AND provide texture to your table scapes, favors and furniture.
  • Bridal Gown Design: Of course, I cannot write a blog post about wedding trends without talking about gowns. This season, bridal fashion designers are sculpting traditional silhouettes and infusing them with modern elements. I am obsessed with this idea because my brides still get to feel like a princess while making an edgy fashion statement.

I hope these trends provide you with some personal inspiration for your own wedding and remember….dream big!  Please let us know what you think, or share your favorite ideas in the comments below!

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