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My Recent Fairmont Experiences

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

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My family regularly stays at Fairmount Hotels in the US and Canada. This past summer we visited Quebec and Ontario as our family vacation. The Frontenac is a fabulous hotel and we especially enjoyed visiting the Frontenac's lounge where the bartenders are friendly, welcoming and the drinks are unique, delicious and the presentation is fabulous. They made our stay there one to remember and our adult children spent most of their evenings socializing at the bar there and became fast friends with several of the bartenders. We are from the NY city area and the lounge manager told us he used to work there, giving us a heads up for a lounge in NYC that serves similar style drinks. My children went there and had a great time.

This is a pet friendly chain, and even though I don't have any pets myself, I was impressed by their treatment of other guests animals. This hotel even has an in house dog that hangs out in the lobby. She is very docile and the guests love her. Actually, we were told that she was not their first in house pet. She is replacing a beloved dog that the hotel chain adopted as a stray several years ago. When that dog passed on they adopted another one who lives in the home of one of the staff.

We went on to Ontario and had a less than favorable time there because they were in construction mode and it seemed that everything that could go wrong, did. I won't outline everything we experienced, but suffice it to say that we had a less than stellar time. We got the name of the hotel manager and brought it to her attention and found her to be extremely apologetic. Unfortunately, she couldn't do anything to help us out at that time because we had already left for home, but she offered to have us come back again and promised us that she would take much better care of us.

We haven't had the opportunity to return since, but when we planned to stay in the Fairmount in Washington DC this Thanksgiving, we reached out to her. She got right on the phone with the staff in DC and asked them to give us the royal treatment, which they did. From the dining staff to the Concierge level, everyone bent over backwards to make sure that we had a fabulous time. We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant for Thanksgiving and mentioned to the concierge staff that the only thing missing was pumpkin pie. Wouldn't you know it, that evening pumpkin pie appears in our room. Our experience with the chain is that the staff is always courteous and helpful, but the staff here went way above and beyond the call of duty. We left feeling well taken care of and were very appreciative of the attention we received.

I can't recommend this hotel chain enough.


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