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Our 34th Anniversary

Our anniversary weekend coincided with Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Arts Festival and a performance by our long time friend Slim Forsythe, so this city four hours away from our home in the forest of northern Pennsylvania became our celebratory destination. Before our arrival the helpful concierge expertly fielded my questions regarding festival specifics. When I mentioned we were celebrating our anniversary we were surprised with champagne and a tray of chocolate covered strawberries and other fancy chocolates in our room. We were a bit hungry after our drive (and this Fairmont is not the easiest to find in the dark) so feasted without further ado. Soon only the centerpiece, a gilded couple in embrace, was left. Was it edible? Could it, too, be chocolate? We made an exploratory scratch and sniff and determined it was indeed! Never one to let good chocolate go to waste, I boldly bit the heads off. Not only chocolate, but solid! Leave it to Fairmont for quality through and through! We took the rest of the sculpture home for a week's worth of sweet memories.
From the Friday night jazz in the lobby, sumptuous breakfasts in the Habitat open kitchen and locally sourced restaurant, walking distance to the art festival and excellent service at every turn, we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating in style!


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