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As is typical of a working parent I am often faced with the task of finding a place for my now 8 yo son to spend his days off from school when I have to work. It is made so much easier when my son is excited about attending a camp. Last summer we found the Claremont Hotel Kids Club/Camp in Berkeley and my son could not stop talking about what a great time he had everyday. He looks forward to any opportunity to attend the Claremont Hotel Kids Club.

He is always given a choice of 2-3 options when a camp is needed. Without question the Claremont Kids Club is favored over other school break options that he has attended for years. He will be attending sessions during his winter break. Best of all the club is conveniently located, and very price competitive (less than our usual option). The staff is friendly and very attentive to the various aged children in their care.
We have a new #1 choice for camp.

V. Spears


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