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Fairmont Towers, Heliopolis

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I work in Saudi Arabia.
Because of the nature of my job, I need to travel a lot.
So,for the last of couple of months I was traveling ; to the US; Europe; crisscrossing the continent from one end to another.

Obviously, I was resting while I was traveling and which of-course by being a guest in good hotels.And I always go for no less than 5 Star hotels.

While staying in the hotel - I like to treat me well when it comes to eating the breakfast.
It must be a lavish sumptuous one.

But I have not felt the touch and feeling; taste and fulfillment that get in a hotel in Cairo.
The range of varities of food; the fruits; the breads; the "3 egg thick omlette" cooked in front of me - the aroma of freshly brewed coffee... and so on.

It is Hotel FAIRMONT Heliopolis (AQUA LUCHI).
It is the best; or it is the best of the bests.

The ambiance - the service - the expanse of sitting in a large hall - getting the feel of being in a garden - with water stream flowing through next to me !!

These all said, I will not forget also the persons that served and paid special attetion to me while I was in FAIRMONT Heliopolis (AQUA LUCHI).
I hope all the hotels in the world should keep employees like them.
It is something worth knowing about them.

These people always carry a constant smile - a sharp mind that peeps from the corner of their eyes - a wide friendly gesture of welcoming and getting done what I want.
There is smothing infectious in them.
If I go to Cairo, I will go to no place - except to FAIRMONT Heliopolis.

The special thanks to Mr. AMR and Ms. HEBA
I wish them all the best.

My conclusion: you can expect anything n AQUA LUCHI that you don't expect in any other place.

Mayeen Ahsan


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