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Henawy and Angie's Wedding at Fairmont Nile City

“A spectacular wedding! All thanks to Fairmont ”

Congratulations on your wedding! What made you decide on having your wedding with us at Fairmont?

Your breathtaking venue and your outstanding service that everyone talks about.

Where did you have your ceremony?

Fairmont Nile City - Sky pool

Tell us about the flowers you chose. Did you go traditional or contemporary?

I chose different kinds of flowers such as orchids, tulips and some roses

Tell us about the meal you served your guests. 

I included a mix of salads, Egyptian, Lebanese and some western dishes including grills and steaks and desserts such as Chocolate Fondue.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Tell us about it.

Cancun (Mexico), Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York

Vendors & Service Providers:

Lyon -DJ
Dina Eskandar - Wedding Planner
First - Video
Fadi Gwanni - Photographer 
Maya - Belly Dancer
Hashish- Zaffa 

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