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The great pyramid of Giza,Egypt

I went on February with a group of 22 people to Egypt for 15 days on a tour to see Temples,Mosque,pyramids.From the 15 days we went for 7 days on a Nile Cruise ship and the name was the M/S Miriam from the travel agency Spring Tours,Cairo.
Anyway we took the Plane with Egypt Air and took a flight to Luxor and there we entered our cruse ship and went to Aswan and back to Luxor and from there we took a flight pack to Cairo where we stayed at the Nile City Fairmont Hotel and can only say I like the hotel so much that I signed up to become a member of this hotel chain and I enjoyed every minute of that.
I would recommend to all my friends your Hotels because I had no complaint at all and your hotel staff is excellent.

Guenther Boeth


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