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5 Things You May Have Missed on Your Visit to Dubai

Fairmont Dubai

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Dining in the dark
One of the top activities in Dubai to experience gourmet cuisine like never before. At Fairmont Dubai, this restaurant serves a surprise menu paired with beverages that will challenge the most refined taste buds.
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Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary
This hidden natural treasure covers 620 hectares of wetlands, just minutes away from Fairmont Dubai. The sanctuary is home to a large number fishes, small mammals and birds, specially a large colony of flamingoes that during winter make these wetlands their home.
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Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
Probably you have already seen the impressive 10 million-litre tank at The Dubai Mall, but did you visit the Underwater zoo? They have King Croc, a massive Australian saltwater crocodile weighing 750 kg -as much as 14 and a half fully-grown men-, different exhibitions and a mysterious area with UAE’s night creatures.
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Heritage Village
Located in the Al Shindaga neighborhood, the Heritage Village displays the traditional way of life in the emirate of Dubai. You will learn about the local architecture and professions in a traditional market atmosphere. The area has several local restaurants serving grill fishes and Arabic favourites to top off your day.
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Al Fahidi Fort
This fort, the oldest building in Dubai dating from 1,787, is home to Dubai Museum, the perfect place to understand the local culture, the history of the city and the traditional way of life in the Emirate of Dubai.
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