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The Best Super World Class Customer Service ever in all my experience in 5 stars, 6 stars and 7 stars hotels

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

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Our family are members in Fairmont Bab Al Bahr facilities and beach; we have been several times there as regular guest and the services there is great as usual and as expected. Till the date we decided to do my daughter birthday party at the premises around the pool, and this is where we saw and realize the different in team who is serving us.

I have visited the most luxuries and fancy hotels in almost more than 50% of the world and never experienced such "satisfaction". The services are great in most of the five star hotels as part of their industry standard, however, the extra mile people takes what makes the different.

I already wrote a letter to the GM and to the owners, and I was trying to reach to the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts international CEO to pass him my gratitude for such services, standards, culture and management & team members they have in Abu Dhabi- Fairmont Bab AL Bahar.

You should all try to have an event there and you will realize the different. I have held events in France, UK, Moscow, Kiev, Italy, USA, Canada, in Al most every 5 star hotel in UAE including Burj Al Arab and Emirates Palace- I have never had such experience in the customer satisfaction level as much as I had it in Fairmont Bab Al Bahar.

All who are planning any events or parties or whatever gathering try Fairmont Bab Al Bahar you will never forget.

Below is the letters I have sent to GM and CEO of Fairmont.

From: Muath A. Jalil
Sent: 04 June 2014 12:49
To: 'John, Biji (ADC)'; 'Jesty, Christian (ADC)'
Subject: RE: Birthday Party - Our discussion yesterday

Dear Christian and Biji,


I would like to thank you for making our life last Friday May 30th 2014 An Incredible and wonderful experience to us and to our 3 years old daughter Naya Jalil with your services and support in our daughter birthday party. Your efforts, support, customer services and deliverables were super excellent and Wowed us myself, wife and our guests.
We felt we have to go out of our way and put the efforts to pay you the proper respect and appreciation to your services.

I was wondering how such services could be provided at the same time from 2 different people as leaders to their teams and their teams to us; and I have found the answers when I was trying to get your Hotel GM email address on your website and Fairmont International CEO email address, it was your slogan and your company mission: Turning moments into memories for our guests

And this is how you all had showed the belief in your mission. Everyone walk the talk and everything walk the talk

I would like to thank you again and show you our appreciation to very special unforgettable experience we had with your premises and facilities. Moreover, I would like you to send me the GM of Fairmont Bab A Bahar email address, the Owners contact person email address and Fairmont themselves as mother company customer service address and CEOs.
We are intending to write a thank you letter and appreciation to all your efforts and help and the World Class Customer Service that we had in my daughter birthday; this came out from our happiness with your services and over satisfaction with your overall performance. Attached the letter- please forward or send me the email addresses to forward.

I will be waiting for your reply emails with the needed addresses above to send a thank you letter and appreciation to all your organization to be recognized as the Number 1 staff with the best of the best in World Class Customer Service.

Again we really appreciated al your help, support, time and efforts to make our experience a wonderful and un-forgettable experience.

Best Regards,

Muath A. Jalil
Executive Director


and this is the etter we have sent :

Appreciation to World Class Customer Service
Provided by Jesty, Christian and John, Biji

Attn: Fairmont Bab Al Bahar GM
Attn: Fairmont International CEO

Jesty, Christian (ADC) & John, Biji (ADC)

Dear CEO of Fairmont hotels and Resorts and GM of Abu Dhabi location,

Please read below as we feel such people should be rewarded in many ways to increase the level of services and the customer satisfaction.

Dear Christian and Biji,

Your welcoming, enthusiasm and your friendliness to welcome us and our guests in our little princes’ birthday have resulted in a significant wonderful experience and customer satisfaction from our side and our friends’ side.

Fairmont Bab Al Bahar – Abu Dhabi and Fairmont international should be very pleased and proud to count you among their talented team. We truly appreciate you services and efforts.

If we had an award to give, you would certainly be both prime candidate. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the fine job you have done last Friday May 30th 2014 in our little daughter’s birthday.

We would like you to know that we were very impressed with the quality of your services, supervision, attentiveness and details; and we have recommended your hotel in general and you specifically for our works as organizations - of Abu Dhabi Governments and Federal Governments - and co-workers and most of our friends as individual to be consider the best pace to hold events, parties and get the superior customer service.

Please accept my compliments for the supportive role you played when we held my 3 years old daughter birthday party at your premises and facilities. Thank you for giving your time, efforts and customer service. It will pay off in a big way in your future and in people’s life around you.

You demonstrated the leadership style that other executives rarely exhibit. Your willingness to participate and service your customers as a co-equal made this top-down service level the greatest at each level.
All of your employees were extremely courteous and went out of their way to serve us in various functions and service our guests and our inquiries. I would be most appreciative if you would extend a special thank you from us to your team in both the facilities and Food and Beverage team, for showing us every courtesy, including a delightful smile and fun in every interaction.

Your world class customer service is greatly appreciated. If everyone were to commit themselves with the same level of enthusiasm you both expressed in your roles, your company would undoubtedly have “The best place to be” Awards in every time and season.

Thank you again and for you and your teams in your enthusiasm to serve us and makes our day happy


Muath Abdel Jalil
& Nancy Awad


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