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Embracing the elements at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

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- Discover breathtaking photography from Beno Saradzic –

One of the UAE’s best-known and most talented photographer is set to display some of his recent work featuring the Abu Dhabi emirate in an exhibition organised by MONDA Gallery, at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, Abu Dhabi, from 7 March 2016.
The exhibition, entitled ‘Abu Dhabi: Embracing the Elements’, by artist Beno Saradzic displays outstanding aerial views, unique composition and popular landmarks or skylines that will resonate with the residents of the emirate. 20 large format pictures celebrating the breathtaking beauty and diversity of the capital will be hosted at one of Abu Dhabi’s premier art hubs, The Chocolate Gallery corridor until 30 April 2016.

Slovenian born Beno Saradzic is a multi-specialist visual artist who made the UAE his home in the early 1990’s. Internationally awarded and Emmy nominated, Beno is known in professional circles as a film director and producer, editor, conceptual and pre-visualisation 3D artist, and photographer – among others.
In UAE public circles, Beno attracted tremendous public attention through his virally shared Abu-Dhabi time-lapse movies, and is increasingly known as a photographer successfully conveying his love for his host country through ambitious, unique and effective photo shots of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE at large.

MONDA Gallery owner, Etienne van den Peereboom, comments: “Beno’s photographic collection of the UAE and Abu Dhabi in particular is fascinating, due to the incredible diversity, originality and quality of his pictures. Aerial views, unknown places, unique light, colors and compositions; natural places and cityscapes… you name it, it’s all there. Beno brings a constantly refreshed and personal variety of approaches to capture the emirate’s majesty and diversity. Going through his collection of photographs is like travelling across the emirate, at warp speed.
The exhibition is free to attend and will run until 30 April 2016.


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