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Discovering Bermuda’s Hidden Secrets

Brushes of blue, strokes of green and sweeping pink pigments can be seen from all angles at the Fairmont Southampton. This luxury resort sits on a hilltop overlooking the waves and coves of the Atlantic Ocean in Southampton, Bermuda. From the first step into the luxurious lobby, guests will sense the ambiance of British charm blended with island influences and casual elegance. Bermuda’s seemingly secluded persona has a captivating collection of secrets to share with her visitors.

The Perks of Pink

Located on the south shore, Fairmont Southampton is the most all-encompassing resorts in Bermuda. With 10 dining options, a resort pool, a Willow Stream Spa with indoor pool (open to all guests from 6:30 pm daily) , an 18-hole par-3 award winning golf course, tennis courts, boating excursions and a private beach, guests never have to leave.

The resort has shuttle service to get guests from one part of the 100-acre resort to the other, and there is on-site moped, Twizzy cars and pedal bike rental for when you want to explore the rest of the island. At 40 kilometres (24 miles) in length, and less than 1.6 kilometres (1 mile) wide, Bermuda is a fun and scenic slice of land to explore.

From Sunrise to Sunset

An ensemble of pink sand, rugged cliffs and swaying palm trees play backup as the sun says hello and waves goodbye each day. Enjoy sunrises from the Fairmont Southampton’s very own beach. Follow with a morning meditation or yoga session. For a romantic sunset, check out the waterfront view at the Waterlot Inn’s Dock restaurant

An Island Oasis

Looking for a quiet beach to relax or read a book? Chaplin Bay, located next to the well-known Horseshoe Bay, is just that place. Surrounded by cliffs, it offers seclusion and stunning scenery. The waves can get rough, but there is nice swimming close to shore. Because of the small size of this beach, it’s often underwater at high tide.

Found along South Road in Warwick Parish, Astwood Park overlooks Astwood Beach and offers great views in a peaceful setting. There are picnic tables, chairs and nature trails. It’s also a popular wedding spot. Birdwatchers will enjoy the graceful white birds that nest in the cliffs.

Sweet Scents and Pigments of Pink

Bring home a little bit of Bermuda’s essence, and that pink sand, with sweet gifts from the island’s most creative artisans. Two of Bermuda’s most unique products take their inspiration literally from the landscape of the island.

The Bermuda Perfumery

Under the direction of master perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone, Lili Bermuda fragrances capture island scents including sea salt, wind, cedarwood, lilies, loquats and grapefruit. You can also expect to discover hints and notes of peony, white rose and jasmine. Lili Bermuda has scents for men and women.

The Bermuda Perfumery at Stewart Hall in St George’s blends, bottles and packages these delightful fragrances by hand, and they have done so since 1928. Perfumery tours are held daily, except Sunday and public holidays, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. No reservations are required. Fragrances can be purchased at boutiques in St George’s and Hamilton as well as several other locations around the island, including the Royal Navy Dockyard, the Duty-Free Shop at L.F. Wade International Airport and A.S. Cooper & Sons stores.

The Perfumery hosts a variety of events, including tours, afternoon tea and workshops given by the master perfumer herself.  Ramsay-Brackstone leads these small group presentations on the history of perfume and creating scents. Guests even get to design their own customized fragrance. Reservations and an additional fee are required for this unique workshop.

Alexandra Mosher

Bermuda jewellery artist Alexandra Mosher takes the inspiration of Bermuda’s uniquely pink sand to create exquisite jewellery. Delicate designs include starfish, turtles, anchors, sailboats and hearts, all containing a touch of pink sand. Sterling silver and jewellery-grade resin are used to create earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, tie bars and engagement rings. All jewellery is hand-cast, polished and finished in Bermuda. Alexandra Mosher jewelry designs are available at the Front Street flagship shop, online and in her boutique at the Washington Mall in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Island Fare

From fish and chips and fish chowder to Angus beef and roasted chicken, Bermuda’s food scene offers a wide range of British, American and island-influenced selections that can be found in pub, beachfront and fine-dining settings. 

The Waterlot Inn

The Fairmont Southampton has a great dining scene. In fact, there are 10 on-site restaurants, cafes and snack bars. The Waterlot Inn, considered by most to be the best in Bermuda, is a winner of the AAA Four-Diamond Award. Located in a 350-year-old traditional Bermuda cottage, it’s waterside elegance at its finest.

The menu includes baked salmon on Bermuda cedar, seared jumbo scallops, certified Black Angus filet mignon and rib eye, as well as grass-fed rack of lamb, lobster tagliolini and mushroom thermidor with Atlantic lobster and crab. An international wine list hops from California to Spain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Save room for dessert with selections such as double dark chocolate mousse cake, sticky toffee pudding, ice cream and sorbet. Always family-friendly, the Waterlot has chicken soup, spaghetti and grilled Atlantic salmon on the kids’ menu.

Boundary Sports Bar & Grille

Located at the Fairmont’s Turtle Hill Golf Club, Boundary Sports Bar & Grille is a casual sports bar with a focus on artisanal pub fare. Bar and lounge seating are available, and there are great views all around for watching professional sporting events like football and golf. Menu items include nachos, wings and slow-smoked BBQ, as well as pizza, sandwiches and chili.

Ocean Club

The Ocean Club, located at Fairmont Southampton’s private beach, is a relaxed spot to enjoy bacon-wrapped scallops, prawn curry with Jasmine rice, blackened tuna, grilled mahi-mahi and other fresh-caught fish and seafood from local fishermen. It has a reputation as being one of Bermuda’s most “Instagrammable” places.

Further Afield – Devil’s Isle

Devil’s Isle, found in downtown Hamilton, is where you’ll want to go when you’re craving a cosy vibe and a good cup of coffee. The food is pretty good, too. This casual spot is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. Menu items include pork chops, burgers, Mexican omelettes, French toast, and pumpernickel rye, pumpkin focaccia or paleo bread filled with slow roasted pulled beef, tuna salad or lamb and feta.

Coffee beans are hand-roasted and blended in small batches to create the perfect cup of cappuccino, espresso, macchiato or Americano. There are several varieties of herbal, green and black teas to bring out the British in anybody.

Don’t let size fool you. Bermuda may be short in stature, but she brims with beauty, fun, relaxation and romance. Whether you’re visiting for business, a honeymoon or a family vacation, the luxury, comfort and convenience of the Fairmont Southampton is an extension of Bermuda’s charm, hospitality and island elegance.


Sandy Allen has sailed through the British Virgin Islands, snorkelled in the Florida Keys and indulged her love of grand hotels, celebrity restaurants and theatrical shows in Las Vegas. She has written travel guides for AFAR and other publications, as well as articles on hotels, islands and yacht charters. 


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