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Amazing Sunday brunch at Windows of the Sound

Fairmont Southampton

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The Sunday Brunch at Windows on the Sound was a great experience for both myself and my vegetarian. The local specialties were all present; Johnny bread, cassava pie, salted codfish and multiple kinds of potatoes,fried bananas.
We were so impressed. The typical Windows buffet each day has had more than we could ever eat but the Sunday spread was so much more. My vegetarian had an entire station of choices. The vegetarian quiche, the vegetarian pasta, red beans and rice, vegetarian pies. The carving station had prime rib and also ham. Omelettes were made to order. It was a lovely experience. We had been thinking Waterlots for Sunday brunch only to find out they don't have it and lo and behold were so happy we ate at Windows of the Sound. It was a winning, wonderful experience for a meat eating mother and her vegetarian daughter. Excellent value too.


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