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The Fairmont Hamilton Princess

Fairmont Hamilton Princess

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With a heritage as its picturesque pink-hued beaches, the glory of Bermuda dates back to the privateers of the sixteenth century. Here, gracious British tradition blends beautifully with lavish, tropical landscapes and turquoise waters. Bermuda's only luxury urban resort and perhaps its most renowned landmark, The Fairmont Hamilton Princess has been considered the gem of the island since its opening in 1885. And now, its magnificent revival makes it makes it as luxurious as it is legendary. A combination of authentic British elegance and Bermudian charm, The Fairmont Hamilton Princess truly embraces "The new spirit of Bermuda." Also deemed Bermuda's most celebrated address, The Fairmont Hamilton Princess has undergone a $25-million restoration distinguishing it as the newest benefit of doing business in Bermuda. First-class facilities provide business travellers with everything they need from convenient conference rooms for executive meetings to beautiful ballrooms for elegant events and serene outdoor garden patios for parties and receptions.


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