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Pacheco Family Unforgettable Experience at Fairmont Southampton Bermuda

Fairmont Southampton

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Every year for the past 5 years The Pacheco Family ventures to Bermuda as part of a Salsa Dance Event called Bermuda Mambo Nights that happens to take place at both the Fairmont Southampton and Fairmont Hamilton Princess properties. Emmanuel Pacheco along with his family have enjoyed the pristine beaches and amazing experience at the Fairmont properties every year. Here is one of those experiences on the Beach at the Fairmont Southampton, enjoying the clear turquoise water and pink sand (yes real pink sand). The day included a gourmet lunch at the Fairmont Southampton Beach club, swimming all day long and then heading over to the Fairmont city property by complimentary ferry boat for a night of Salsa Dancing in the Banquet Room overlooking the city Harbour at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess. No other experience like it, truly original.


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