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10 of Our Favorite Things to do in Bermuda

Things work differently on Bermuda. Time slows down, for one. For another, a pink hotel isn’t the sight of a tacky 70s vacation movie. Instead, it’s the sight of the island chain’s only luxury resort.

Nestled along the Hamilton Harbour, with its own private beach club just a short jaunt away; the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is a sanctuary for sun worshippers who prefer strong drinks, salty hair, and a sun-kissed glow. Featuring a celebrity chef, countless water sporting activities, and plenty of cultural experiences, here are some of the best experiences you can have while you visit Bermuda. 

Wine and dine on the water
When you say you’re dreaming of dinner on the water, the staff at Hamilton Princess really delivers. Called the Tide Table, you and your main squeeze will be escorted to a private table on the bay and then treated to a special five-course menu from the chef himself!

Create some waves
There’s more than one way to send a little white water into the area while you’re exploring the islands. Besides renting a jet ski, the hotel staff will also help you find a horseback riding tour along the pink sandy beaches and rocky coastline. 

Go exploring on two wheels
There’s something about beaches and scooters that just seem to go hand in hand. Opt in on a scooter rental so you can explore the capital city of Hamilton throughout the day. You can also rent bikes and head down to the coast to explore the Royal Naval Dockyard and its Maritime Museum. If you do go, be sure to pack a change of clothes and bathing suit so you can try cliff jumping and swimming in the lagoons. 

Meet the chef
Few chefs can match the skills and techniques exhibited by Marcus Samuelsson. Marcus worked his way up to the top and even earned himself his own self-titled restaurant at the Princess. He handcrafts each of the menus and is often seen checking in on his dinner guests in the dining room throughout the night and day.

Strike up a chorus of “Yo-ho, yo-ho” 
Is there anything better than listening to the waves roll in the distance while you take a walk along the sand with a drink in your hand? Bermudians love their rum like the French love their wine. While you’re on the island, be sure to try out the popular island favorite called the Bermuda Rum Swizzle.

Head to the races
Every year in October, the best sailors in the world gather to compete in the World Series of sailing, the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup. As the official hotel of the race in 2017, there’s a good chance you’ll run into some of the sailors while you’re there and have a bird’s eye view of the races to boot. 

Tap into your inner artist
The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club recently underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation. Part of that renovation went into creating a public art program within the hotel. An eclectic array of artwork by some of the most famous contemporary artists from around the world, including Andy Warhol and Nelson Mandela, can be found in the lobby and public spaces. Every Saturday morning at 10, guests can meet up with a guide for a walking tour of the area and light background of each piece.  

Take a dive
The collection of islands off the North Atlantic is one of the premier dive sites in the entire world. However, it came at the expense of several shipwrecks in an area of the world sailors used to call the Devil’s Isles during the 19th and 20th centuries. Now, the shipwrecks act as natural reef havens for sea life, so you’re virtually guaranteed to have an amazing adventure every time you take a dive.

Mix and mingle with the locals
With the exception of the boating events, by late fall and early winter the tourists virtually disappear from the islands. Take advantage of the opportunity and waltz down Bermudiana Road. The area is usually buzzing with activity and locals in the evenings.

Uncover buried treasure
It may not be the gold and rubies of pirate lore, but the Crystal Caves are certainly a Bermudan treasure trove. Nestled just under Hamilton Parish, the crystal clear underground pools perfectly reflect the limestone cave formations that, literally, appear to be crystals growing straight from the ground.


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