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Historic Events of Fairmont Hotels

From royalty and celebs to professional athletes and politicians, there is questionably no greater host of historic events than Fairmont Hotels. Over the 110+ years of Fairmont being the premier destination for dignitaries and stars, events have been at the cornerstone of what defines prestige and luxury at Fairmont Hotels.

And now Austinites will have the opportunity to make history with us and host exclusive holiday celebrations in one of Fairmont Austin’s dozens of beautiful event spaces.

With too many over-the-top events to count, these are just a favorites through Fairmont history. Here is your chance to waltz like a prince, eat cake like a sports icon, and celebrate like a president.

1919: Fairmont Empress hosts Edward, Prince of Wales for a visit. Prince Edward is recorded as “waltzing into the dawn” in the hotel’s most elegant event space, the Crystal Ballroom.

1961: JFK attends celebration for Washington State Senator Warren Magnuson’s 25th year as a member of congress in the Spanish Ballroom. (Photo attached of JFK and Senator Magnuson sitting at head table).

1966: Truman Capote hosts The Black and White Ball at The Plaza Hotel, in honor of The Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, with such attendees as Frank Sinatra and Andy Warhol. (photo attached of Frank Sinatra arriving to event.)

1971: Willie Mays celebrates his 40th birthday at Fairmont San Francisco (photo attached of Willie’s birthday cake).

If you want to make history along with the most notable, click the link below to inquire about hosting your holiday party, gala or wedding at Fairmont Austin.


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