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Fairmont Winnipeg Kosher Kitchen Q&A

Fairmont Winnipeg

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We're proud to be the only Winnipeg hotel with a kosher kitchen that caters to those who observe kasthrut laws. We provide kosher catering in the hotel and to clients for outside events.

While many people are leaning towards kosher-style food, there are still those that prefer traditionally prepared food that abide by kashrut laws. We prepared a list of the top five frequently asked questions our catering team receives to make planning your kosher event in Winnipeg that much easier:

Q: What does it mean to keep kosher?

A: Kosher are foods that conform to the traditional Jewish dietary laws (kashrut). Along with foods that are categorized as kosher, there are also certain kosher rules.

Q: What is the difference between Kosher and Kosher style?

A: Kosher food is generally food that is not kosher but could be produced as kosher. Kosher style still follows the traditional rules such as not eating forbidden animals or mixing of milk and meat. Those that follow Jewish kashrut laws however, would not eat kosher style meals. For many families cooking at home, eating kosher style food has become the preference compared to traditional kosher food.

Q: What does it mean to have a kosher kitchen in the hotel?

A: All cooking utensils and food preparation surfaces are used exclusively for kosher food, and that separate stoves, pots, cutlery, dishes, counter surfaces and table coverings are used for meat and dairy. Having a kosher kitchen in the hotel means that we can prepare meals that completely abide by kashrut laws.

Q: Are you still able to provide outside catering?

A: Absolutely. All kosher food will be prepared in the hotel’s kosher kitchen and then safely transported by our experienced banquet team to the location of your event.

Q: What are some examples of kosher meals served on your menus?

A: All are menus are fully customizable but these are some of our most popular kosher menu items:
• Albacore Tuna, Pickled Cabbage and Butter Lettuce “Tacos” with Pico de Gallo
• Dukkah Spiced Lamb Kebabs
• Mini Potato Knish, Orange Onion Marmalade
• Stuffed Cherry Tomato, Spiced Baba Ghanoush
• Astoria Chicken Salad Cups with Tarragon Pistou


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