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A Very Special Birthday Weekend

Fairmont Winnipeg

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Turning moments in memories is what we do best and we couldn’t resist sharing this story of a special birthday weekend we arranged for a little girl called Epiphanie.

This is her Mom’s description of their experience:

“We were completely taken by surprise! When we came up to the Fairmont Gold floor, the wonderful receptionist informed us of the special surprise your employees had arranged for us! Honestly, I didn’t even know about this Royal Suite until this weekend! We went up to our room and found a dozen birthday balloons laid out in the entrance and a Happy Birthday banner! It was truly like walking into a queen’s home! Minutes later the doorbell rang and a kind employee brought in the most delicious red velvet cake with raspberries and chocolate covered strawberries!

Epiphanie felt like she won the lottery in life and I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude that I started to cry a bit.

We welcomed 5 little friends and spent the evening playing in the pool, opening presents, having a pizza dinner at the beautiful dining room table and finally all the girls sprawled out around the fireplace to watch the Kids’ Choice Awards. The girls were all so happy to be hanging out in the same room that the Queen, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and so many other VIPs people once did. It really made them feel special.

My friend and I slept in the big king size bed and our daughters slept in front of the fire in their cots. We had a luxurious sleep, a delightful breakfast and then enjoyed one last swim and steam. The two girls took a dip in the big bath tub; we played the piano one last time and then checked out.

We have enjoyed staying and dining at Fairmont hotels over the years with our friend, Richard. Richard lives in Edmonton now and Epiphanie loves visiting the hotel because it reminds her of her time with him there. This was definitely the icing on the cake. Another perfect Fairmont memory made.

Epiphanie says she will never forget that day as long as she lives. I will never forget the kindness, generosity and consideration you showed us. We had our minds totally blown. It was magic. Thank you to all the Fairmont staff for your service and care.”


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